The camp will be held in Brewer, Maine at the 
Penobscot Ice Arena
90 Acme Road in Brewer
Age group: 
Players that play in Learn to play, Mites, Squirts & Pee Wees
Open to all skaters and goal tenders
What we will accomplish ?
~ Each player will receive a camp jersey, 
~ The kids will also receive some great hockey skills and have some fun! They will work hard the entire time to better their skills.
~ Age and level appropriate skills, shooting, break-outs, defense and more.
~ Our camp also works with the skaters in power skating, puck handling, passing and other basic skills. One-on-one Training is available
~ We can all use work with the basic skills and it will only enhance the players ability to become a better hockey player.

~ Each morning we will be on the ice for 3 hours. We will focus on stick handling, power skating, shooting, passing, defense, rules and team play.  
**Time will be spent daily with goal tenders and goalie specific drills.**
~ We will demonstrate and stress proper ways to stretch before the workout and after.
~ At the end of every day's session we will skate a scrimmage, to put to use what we learned. The games are competitive with a focus on fun and fairness (these are not your normal scrimmages). Playing time will be equal for all of players.
09:00 AM - 10:30 AM  On ice drills
10:30 AM - 10:50 rest and snack time
10:50 - 12:00 Scrimmage / Fun Work
     For more information, about this camp, you can e-mail us
IS STILL Only $200.00 per person
Payments by checks, cash and credit/Debit cards available

Full Protective Equipment is Required!
Goalies must have their own equipment!
*Water is provided for the ice time and breaks - snacks and other drinks to be provided by the player/parent*
(Energy bars or healthy snacks are encouraged, as well as a sport drink. We will be doing lots of hard skating)
*** Click Here for on-line registration/Payment***

***Click Here for Printed registration form***

Instructors / Coaches
Camp Director - Troy Lare (USA Referee) - 3rd Watch Team GM
~ Lead Instructor - Lee Miller (Level 5 coach, former HS Coach)
~ Third Watch Team Members for individual work with kids
~ Guest coaches from Youth hockey programs in Bangor area

Thank you for helping us help others
Our team has helped raise over $120,000.00 for kids by playing public safety teams from all over the US and Canada. We have both hosted teams as well as travel as far as Orlando to play these games.
We also use non-game events to raise money, such as this camp, we have worked in the community and we are also working with the University of Maine Women's hockey team in a benefit broomball game - an annual event to raise money locally.
Our Clinic Sponsors
Some Photos of past camps
Where do the 
proceeds go?
All of our proceeds go back to the folks that we play for. How do we do this?
1. We use the money to pay for the ice (if it is not donated) for a benefit event. Ice time can be expensive.
2. At the end of the season, if we have money left over - we donate it all to children's charities - example - in 2009 we donated to help a child that needed a therapy dog to help him in his day-to-day functions.

* All entry fees for tournaments are raised outside of the team account. We look for specific sponsors for each event.

To date - using this money and money raised from us playing in games - we have helped donate over $120,000.00 to kids in need.
Coach Lichterman (UMO Women's Hockey Coach) does a little 1 on 1
Beating up on Alex
Group Meeting
Alex without his mask
Coach L Talking proper balance
Foot work
More foot work
Never can get enough foot work on the ice
Someone's going to demonstrate a drill
Down, but with a smile
Looks like fun - but is great to buid power
Looks like the 'dragee' is having way too much fun
Alex and Steve resting
Why do they pick on the big so?
A group Photo with Coach Lichterman
A dad and his loving angels
A smile - and he still has teeth
Coach Tim Whitehead from the University of Maine - makes a guest appearance as a coach to help us out
Coach Tim Whitehead from the University of Maine - makes a guest appearance as a coach to help us out
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Tell a friend about this page
Tell a friend about this page
To:90 Acme Road
Brewer, ME 04412
Number and Street:
11th Annual Summer Camp For Kids
View a slide show about our camp (Use arrow to see next photo)
View a slide show about our camp (Use arrow to see next photo)
Thanks to UMO Women's & Men's Hockey Programs - coaching staff and players for their time on the ice
Make sure your skates are sharp, your stick has fresh tape, and all of your gear fits you well. Stop by to see Gunny and the guys at Gunn's for all of your hockey needs.
Guest Coaches (in the past) for a day have included:
Coach Maria Lewis - University of Maine Women's Hockey Coach
Coach Dan Lichterman - Former UMO Women's Hockey Coach
Coach Tim Whitehead - University of Maine Men's Hockey Coach
Candice Currier - Goal Tender University of Maine Women's Team
July 14 - 18, 2014
Thanks to Lance and the crew from Tender Lawn Care in Brewer. This year, Tender Lawn Care has signed on as a major sponsor for our camp. The role that they are filling is allowing us to have more kids receive camp scholarships to come to our camp. Just fill out the scholarship form above, and we will forward the list that the guys at TLC. THANKS GUYS FOR HELPING OUT THE KIDS !!
Camp 2014 Payment
Camp 2014 Payment